Are there robots in Foundation?

Foundation and Earth also established that there were still robots in the galaxy, although they hid their existence from mankind, and that they were responsible for both the creation of Gaia and the development of Psychohistory and thus the creation of the two Foundations.

Does Earth exist in Foundation?

Earth, sometimes called Old Earth, Gaia or Terra, is a planet in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. It is the most common setting of his robot short stories.

Is Foundation related to I Robot?

The first two episodes of Foundation subtly set up a prequel – and hint that I, Robot is part of the same shared universe as the Apple TV+ series. Isaac Asimov’s Foundation has now become a major Apple TV+ series – and the first two episodes tease a shared universe with Asimov’s other most famous property, I, Robot.

Who is the robot in Foundation?

In his introduction story, Daneel is said to be not only made in the likeness of one of his creators but is also the first robot physically indistinguishable from humans.

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R. Daneel Olivaw
Last appearance Foundation and Earth
Created by Isaac Asimov
In-universe information
Species Robot

How far in the future is Foundation?

Asimov estimates that his Foundation series takes place nearly 50,000 years into the future, with Hari Seldon born in 47,000 CE.

Was a Trantor the earth?

Trantor is a fictional planet depicted as the capital of the first Galactic Empire. Trantor was first mentioned in Asimov’s short story “Black Friar of the Flame”, later collected in The Early Asimov, Volume 1.

Which planet is Earth in Foundation?

Councilman Golan Trevize, historian Janov Pelorat, and Blissenobiarella of the planet Gaia (introduced in Foundation’s Edge) set out on a journey to find humanity’s ancestral planet—Earth.

Why there are no robots in Foundation?

It’s been years since I read Asimov, but I seem to remember that when he decided to merge his Robots and his Foundation and Empire universes, he explained the relative lack of robots in the Foundation by explaining that they had decided they were harming humans by doing too much for them, and had thus retreated into …

Is Foundation related to Star Wars?

“Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books aren’t Star Wars, or at least they’re not supposed to be,” says Rob Bricken. “They’re not filled with burgeoning heroes, foreboding villains, laser swords, funky aliens, or even much action and adventure, really.

Was Star Wars based on Foundation?

Foundation and Star Wars have different characters and elements. But star wars is heavily inspired by Foundation’s basic concepts.

Is Dors Venabili a robot?

Dors Venabili (11,865-12,048 GE) is a robot who initially is assigned by Chetter Hummin to protect Hari Seldon while Seldon attempts to develop his theory of psychohistory. Their paths intersect at Streeling University, where Dors teaches history.

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Should I read i Robot before foundation?

As you may know, the Robot Series can be read separately from the Foundation Series and the Empire Series. As Asimov didn’t plan his series from the start, connexions came later. … As the Robot novels are really good, it’s a good follow up if you didn’t already read them.

Is demerzel a robot?

Demerzel is the enigmatic “intelligent robot” and loyal aide to the Emperor of the Galaxy.

What books is Foundation based on?

Apple TV+ series Foundation is based on Isaac Asimov’s books. Apple TV+’s science-fiction TV series Foundation is based on celebrated author Isaac Asimov’s eponymous trilogy of books. The man in charge is David S. Goyer, known for co-writing The Dark Knight trilogy with Christopher Nolan.

How does Foundation end?

In the final sequence of the “Foundation” Season 1 finale, Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) exits cryostasis upon entering the atmosphere of her home world of Synnax 138 years in the future of the season’s primary timeline. There she meets Salvor, who spent much of that span of time in cryostasis as well.

What is in the vault in Foundation?

It’s a psychic AI that simulates a time travel telephone. Salvor will be able to speak to Hari, talk to him, but his information will be limited to what was pre-recorded. Maybe this is related to the dot on Hari’s neck which Raych removed. Finally, only Salvor can see him.

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