Best answer: What is the first step in coding the VR robot to draw a red line?

What is the first step in coding the VR Robot to draw a red line? Drag the [Set Pen color] block into the workspace and use the drop-down menu to set the color to “red”.

What is the first step in coding the VR robot to move the VR pen down to draw a black line?

What is the first step in coding the VR Robot to move the VR Pen down to draw a black line? Drag the [Move robot pen] block into the workspace and use the drop-down menu to set the position to down.

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What color lines can the VEX VR pen draw?

Learning Outcomes

Identify how to use the [Set Pen color] block to change pen colors to create black, red, green, or blue lines.

How many times will the repeat block repeat the turn for and drive for blocks inside of it?

By placing the [Drive for] and [Turn for] blocks in a [Repeat] block that repeats four times.

What type of values can the repeat block accept as parameters?

The [Repeat] block can accept decimal numbers as parameters. Conditions, like the number of times repeated, are used to end a [Repeat] block.

How do I start a project Toolbar?

From the Toolbar

To start a project, select the “Start” button. The Playground window will open automatically if it is not already open. Once the “Start” button is pressed, the project will run and the VR Robot will perform the programmed actions in the Playground.

How many degrees should the robot turn before it draws the Left Green Line?

‘ When the Front Eye Sensor detects a green disk, the VR Robot will need to turn right 90 degrees to begin solving the Disk Maze.

What is the Web tool used to program the virtual robot using a block based coding environment?

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks.

What is the default velocity of the VR robot?

To make a VR Robot drive forward and reverse at different speeds, the drive velocity can be increased or decreased using the [Set drive velocity] block. The [Set drive velocity] block accepts a range from 0% – 100%. The default velocity is 50%.

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How could the bumper sensor be used in the wall maze challenge?

The Bumper Sensor is pressed by walls in the Wall Maze Playground, or by the outer walls surrounding other Playgrounds. The Bumper Sensor is used to determine if the VR Robot is touching an object or wall. Use the block in a VEXcode VR project to check the condition of the Bumper Sensor.

What is the name for an action performed by the VR robot?

What is a behavior? Behaviors are the actions performed or to be performed by a robot.

What do waiting blocks do in a VEXcode VR project *?

Waiting blocks pause the rest of the stack until that block’s behavior has been completed. Most waiting blocks are found among the Motion and Drivetrain blocks. If a VEX IQ Clawbot needs to retrieve a cube, you can use waiting blocks to have the robot carry out each behavior individually.

Where is the step function located on the VEX VR interface?

Select the step button located at the top right of the VEXcode VR toolbar. Once selected, a green highlight will appear around the “when started“ block to indicate where the program is beginning, and then immediately moves to highlight the first block in the stack.

Which block turns the VR robot to a given clockwise heading?

The [Turn to heading] block can also be used to turn the VR Robot. This block turns the VR Robot to a given clockwise heading between 0 and 359.9 degrees.

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