Can you reset litter robot from app?

Since the Reset button on the unit itself is used for many different things (like adding litter or moving it), the app does not automatically reset the waste gauge. … If you empty the drawer, resetting the unit takes one second to tap Reset then you can open the app to reset the waste gauge.

Can you reset litter robot remotely?

Remote Control

The remote acts as a wireless control panel for the Litter-Robot. … The remote also allows you to reset the gauge when you empty the unit, helping the app learn your emptying behaviors to better tailor our gauge to match your needs.

How do I reset my Litter Robot 2?

Make sure that the green light on the Litter-Robot Control Panel is on (“OK/Waiting”). 3. If the red light is on (“Sensor/Timing”), push any of the buttons (Cycle, Fill, or Empty). This resets the unit and the green light should come on (“OK/Waiting”).

How do I unregister a Litter-Robot?

To delete, click Litter-Robot, click “Controls” in bottom right corner (or “Remote” if using the old app), then click “Delete” Force close (swipe away) the Litter-Robot app. Unplug the Litter-Robot from the back of the unit for at least 1 minute.

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How do you reset a cat’s sensor?

To reset the Cat Sensor, press Reset when the unit is at the Home position and the control panel displays a solid blue light. Press the Reset button firmly and quickly, then watch for the blue light to flash to confirm you have successfully reset the Cat Sensor.

How do you reset the time on a litter robot?

Press and hold the Empty button on the Litter-Robot control panel for about 5 seconds to enter Wait Time Setting mode. One of the lights will start flashing, indicating the current Wait Time setting. Use the Reset button to toggle to the next setting: blue for 3 minutes, yellow for 7 minutes, and red for 15 minutes.

How do you Unpause a litter robot?

Repeat Press & Hold to unlock. Pauses the unit during cycling or will reset Cat Sensor baseline when pushed at home position while Blue LED is illumiated (Recommended after adding litter). When paused, repeat Press & Release to resume cycle.

Why is my Litter-Robot power button red?

Litter-Robot flashing red light

A solid red light on your Litter-Robot control panel means that the cat sensor was activated by your cat entering the globe while the unit was ready for use. … Then hit the Reset button to reset the cat sensor.

Can you connect Litter-Robot to multiple phones?

All family members can control the Litter Robot from different phones using the same account. Ability to connect to the App via Bluetooth.

Where is the Litter-Robot Sensor?

The Litter-Robot is equipped with infrared emitters and sensors located above the Waste Drawer that check if the drawer is full each time the Globe returns to the Home position.

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How long is litter-robot warranty?

The Litter-Robot is backed by an 18-Month Full Warranty and you have the option to extend it for another 18 months for three years of coverage. During the warranty period, AutoPets will repair your Litter-Robot (and even cover shipping costs within the continental United States).

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