Frequent question: How to Place robotic ports?

All ports are placed in the midline, with the 12-mm camera port by the umbilicus, and the robotic working ports spaced 3 to 4 cm superiorly and inferiorly (Fig. 8). When the ports are placed correctly, they should dangle off the abdominal wall, allowing maximal movement.

How many ports are needed for robotic prostatectomy?

Thus most patients will have 5 port sites. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia so the patient feels no pain during surgery and lasts an average of 3.5 hours.

What is the ideal distance for your initial endoscope port?

Place the initial endoscope port 10–20 cm from the target anatomy, on the opposite edge of the surgical workspace boundary.

What is Docking in robotic surgery?

Remote center can be adjusted on patient side at the patient cart using the clutch button. the Patient Cart. Once the patient is positioned and the ports are inserted, it is time to attach patient cart instrument arms to the patient in a process called docking.

What is the success rate of robotic prostatectomy?

The positive margin rate was 9.4% for all patients; i.e. 2.5% for T2 tumours, 23% for T3a and 53% for T4. The overall biochemical recurrence free (PSA levelHow much does robotic prostate surgery cost?

Results: Mean hospital cost per robot-assisted radical prostatectomy was $11,878 (95% CI $11,804-$11,952). Mean cost was $2,837 (95% CI $2,805-$2,869) in the low cost group vs $25,906 (95% CI $24,702-$25,490) in the high cost group.

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