How do I connect my cue robot app?

What app does the cue robot use?

Built on Microsoft’s MakeCode platform, the Cue app gives kids the autonomy to choose from one of four personalities, plus explore multiple programming languages.

How do I reset my cue robot?

For resetting to factory settings, press and hold the 3 orange button on top and power button until all the lights turn red and then they turn off, then tap the power button to turn on the robot again.

What is the cue robot app for Chromebook?

Chromebook users: Visit in Google Chrome.

Is dash or cue better?

The original Dash (in teal with orange highlights) looks a little more like a kid’s toy next to these. But it’s not just a face-lift—Cue has more memory, a better processor, and improved sensors.

What can you do with dash and dot?

By interacting with the world around them via sensors, Dash & Dot can hear sounds, detect objects, and know if you are moving them. The iPads apps then enable you to program these robots to do virtually anything you want, including the delivery of messages, playing musical instruments and navigating obstacle courses.

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How do I connect my Bluetooth dash robot?

Place the robot on the floor, turn it on and activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Open one of Dash’s apps, and follow the instructions to set up the robot. The app and the robot use the same language selected in the language settings of your mobile device. Play!

How do I reset dashboard and dot?

For Dash and Dot the normal way to reset the firmware is just a short tap on the power button to turn off the robot and then a short tap to turn it back on. This is a true reset where the system turns off and reboots afterwards. For a firmware restart, hold the power button for 7 seconds.

Does dash and dot work on Chromebook?

The Wonder Workshop Wonder App and Wonder Blockly App for Dash and Dot are now compatible with Chromebook devices.

What age is dash and dot for?

Dash responds to voice commands, which are part of the programming. For the age range (8-12) Dash and Dot create amazing engagement with children, delivering strong lessons in logical progression and problem solving.

What is the difference between Dash and Dot?

Dash is a small mobile robot that is full of character and drives around making noises and shining lights. Dot is its sidekick, and it, too, is full of character. The robots help kids learn the basics of robotics and coding at home or in classroom settings.

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