How do you fix a blinking blue light on Litter Robot?

If the unit continues blinking blue, remove the waste drawer and press cycle. Press reset 2x to abort the cycle and return the unit to home (it will level the litter). If the unit goes to solid blue with the waste drawer removed, ensure there is nothing in the drawer blocking the lenses.

What does flashing blue on Litter-Robot mean?

You’ll most commonly notice a flashing or blinking blue light on your Litter-Robot control panel. This blue light is called the Drawer Full Indicator, which means that the waste drawer is full (or approaching full) and needs to be emptied.

How do I reset my Litter-Robot 2?

Make sure that the green light on the Litter-Robot Control Panel is on (“OK/Waiting”). 3. If the red light is on (“Sensor/Timing”), push any of the buttons (Cycle, Fill, or Empty). This resets the unit and the green light should come on (“OK/Waiting”).

Why is my Litter-Robot not working?

The unit isn’t pushed into a corner or against a wall or piece of furniture. Make sure your Litter-Robot is free-standing and not leaning on anything. After emptying the Waste Drawer and pushing the drawer back into place, double check that you haven’t pushed the whole unit up against anything before pressing Reset.

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How do you fix a blinking yellow light on Litter Robot?

When the yellow light is flashing once per second, it will mean one of two things: (1) The cycle was interrupted by the cat sensor. If the cat sensor is activated while the unit is cycling, it will stop. Fifteen seconds after your cat has left the globe, the unit will resume cycling. (2) The bonnet has been removed.

Can you reset litter robot from app?

Open your app. Go to “Remote” and click “Delete my Litter-Robot.” … Reset your Litter-Robot by unplugging it from the base while the unit is powered on. Wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, and allow it to cycle until the blue “Ready” status lights up.

How long is Litter-Robot warranty?

The Litter-Robot is backed by an 18-Month Full Warranty and you have the option to extend it for another 18 months for three years of coverage. During the warranty period, AutoPets will repair your Litter-Robot (and even cover shipping costs within the continental United States).

How do you clean the sensor on Litter Robot?

We recommend cleaning the unit as needed. Simply wiping it down with a damp paper towel will keep your unit looking new and clean. Using a mild detergent is recommended. Do not use bleach on the units, as this can cause the plastic to degrade.

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