Question: Is Mr Robot part of Elliot’s imagination?

Does Elliot know that Mr. Robot is a figment of his imagination? – Quora. Yes, he is a figment of Elliot’s imagination. Darlene and Angela confront Elliot in episode nine, in the cemetery, and when he turns around, he notices that it’s his father’s grave.

Is Mr. Robot in Elliot’s imagination?

Elliot’s ‘friend’

Mr Robot isn’t the only imaginary figure Elliot talks to. From the very first episode of the show, he’s also opened up to his ‘friend’, an invisible confidante that’s always been thought to represent the viewer.

What mental illness does Elliot have in Mr. Robot?

And it started there, and then from there, the story of “Mr. Robot” kind of spun out. GROSS: Elliot is mentally ill. He has dissociative identity disorder, which used to be known as multiple personality disorder.

Who is Elliot’s third personality?

While Mr. Robot has gone meta in the past (see: Season 4 premiere credits fakeout), some fans believe the show is saving its biggest twist for the end, and will reveal that Elliot’s third personality is Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.

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Is Elliot Tyrell Mr. Robot?

Yes He Is ALIVE. In S2E12, He can be seen Talking with Angela. Tyrell shoots Elliot with Darlene’s stolen gun, causing Mr. Robot to Fade out.

Is Darlene in Elliot’s head?

If it wasn’t clear already, a segment in which some kind of mental avatar in the form of Elliot’s therapist, Krista, makes it so: This is all in Elliot’s head. … It’s the Mastermind incarnation of Elliot who wakes up in the hospital, his sister, Darlene, by his side.

What did Tyrell see in the woods?

1 Answer. He found peace in death. The blue light was to “light at the end of the tunnel”. It is never shown in the series what it might be nor was it mentioned anywhere.

Is Mr. Robot Elliot’s father?

Towards the end of Season 1, we discovered that Mr. Robot wasn’t real; he was a personality Elliot constructed based on his own father, Edward Alderson. Elliot had (and has) Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning that like Elliot, it was tough for us to trust what we were seeing in the show at any point.

Is Darlene real?

Originally Answered: Is Darlene real? Yes, she is real and alive. Darlene is Elliot’s sister — something that he keeps forgetting on a periodic basis.

Why did Elliot’s father molest?

The purpose of Mr. Robot remained unclear until December 2015, when Krista Gordon, forced by Fernando Vera, led Elliot towards an epiphany: he was sexually molested as a child by his father, and his mind produced the Mr. Robot persona as an attempt to cope with his trauma.

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Who is Elliot girlfriend in Mr Robot?

Frankie Shaw as Shayla Nico, Elliot’s drug dealer and girlfriend (season 1).

Was Mr Robot all a dream?

Robot appeared and finally revealed the truth to Elliot: he wasn’t in a parallel world, but a dream-like prison designed to contain Elliot Alderson’s long-hidden personality. Yep, that’s right. The version of Elliot we’ve known since the start is actually a spin-off identity, just like Mr. Robot.

Is Elliot Alderson a genius?

1 Elliot Alderson

Robot is more confident than Elliot (Rami Malek), it’s Elliot himself who is the true genius. He came up with the brilliant plan for Five/Nine, even if he needed to rely on a dissociated personality to go through with it. He hacked into anyone and anything to achieve the impossible.

Is Tyrell one of Elliot’s personalities?

“Tyrell doesn’t have to be someone for Elliot. … But as Esmail explains to THR, Tyrell’s inopportune demise was right for the same reason he felt it necessary to kill off Angela: “The story told us when it was time.”

Who are Elliot’s personalities?

The first personality, the protector personality, was created the day Elliot jumped out the window. This personality was created to replace his father to protect him from intolerable situations – the person Elliot named as Mr. Robot. The second personality, the prosecutor, was Elliot’s mother personality.

Is Tyrell in love with Elliot?

Speaking to Variety, the writer-director confirmed: “Tyrell loves Elliot.” Esmail also said that they had set up the special connection between the two the moment the characters were introduced to each other. “When he shot him, he was literally in tears,” Esmail added.

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