What does RPA stand for in education?

From 2015, young people are required to continue in learning or training until age 18. Raising the participation age (RPA) does not mean young people must stay in school; they can choose one of the following options: full-time education, such as school, college or home education. apprenticeships, work-based learning.

What does the acronym RPA stand for?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software.

What does RPA stand for in planning?

robotic process automation (RPA)

What does able stand for in education?


Acronym Definition
ABLE Adult Basic Literacy Education
ABLE Association for Biology Laboratory Education
ABLE Action for a Better Living Environment (Virginia)
ABLE Alcoholic Beverage Laws & Enforcement Commission (Oklahoma)

What is RPA in RPW?

RPA – RolePlay Account. – Fake or dummy account.

What does RPA after a name mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The real property administrator (RPA) designation is a professional designation for property managers awarded to people with several years of experience and completing the Building Owners and Managers Association advanced study program.

Can RPA be used in virtual environment?

The RPA market is expanding rapidly, but to be sustained, RPA must offer broader support for application types, and for both virtual and cloud-based systems. …

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What does RPA stand for in police?


Acronym Definition
RPA Retired Police Association
RPA Rochester Philatelic Association
RPA Records Preservation and Access
RPA Rubber Process Analyser

What does RPA mean in Facebook?

RPA means automation of business processes using software robots that perform repetitive tasks, interpret, trigger responses 24/7 and with 0 errors. Read More. Share. Related Pages. 326 likes this.

What is BRB called?

BRB — “be right back” (usually used in chats and on an instant messenger service).

What is CRP roleplay?

Combat RP (CRP) – This is not an innately bad aspect of roleplay, although combat roleplay plagues Neon District. Some basics to combat roleplay involve roleplaying each action in combat (In contrast, fail CRP would be something like *kills*)

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