What Robot Says Danger Will Robinson?

Servo: “Danger, Will Robinson!” ALF says, “Danger, Will Robinson!” Crow: “The robot in ‘Lost in Space’ – now *that* was funny!” Third story title reference.

What Robot said Danger Will Robinson?

If you remember the show, the Space Family Robinson had a robot named Robbie who would warn the family of impending danger. The young son (space cadet) was named Will and it seemed he was always in danger from alien beings or creepy-crawly space animals.

What did Will Robinson call the Robot?

Occasionally the Robot was addressed with the names of B-9 and the Robinson Robot. Other names for the Robot were Rodney and his creator, Robert Kinoshita, called him Blinky.

How many times did Robot Say Danger Will Robinson?

Deadliest of the Species

The Robot: Danger, Will Robinson! Despite its fame, this phrase only occurs once (in exactly this form) in the series, in the third-season episode “Deadliest of the Species” and it is not in the context of an urgent warning.

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Does Dr Smith get control of the Robot?

Judy and Maureen make it back to the Robinsons’ ship, the Jupiter 2, but with some unwelcome interlopers: Dr. Smith and the Robot she now controls. … Smith, who is running the show with her powerful Robot, reluctantly allows Maureen to do so.

Will Robinson Lost in Space quotes?

Lost in Space quotes by Will Robinson

  • “ The impossible happens all the time, just have to believe it can.” — …
  • “ Will Smith has a way of making people do things they regret.” — …
  • “ Have you seen our robot?” — …
  • “ Some robots hurt people, but they don’t have to. …
  • “ Relax, I’ll finish your new body. …
  • “ …

Is Dr Smith alive lost in space?

Essentially, Lost in Space has a happy ending, and its greatest anti-hero, Dr. Smith, doesn’t die.

Who plays robot lost in space?

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy) – The youngest child. A precocious 9-year-old in the first season, he is a child prodigy in electronics and computer technology.

Is the Jupiter 2 Real?

Here are some other fun facts about Jupiter 2. Its hull is constructed of titanium (real) and cosmium (not real). It is said early on that the ship’s trip to Alpha Centauri would take 5.5 years, meaning it travels at about 79% the speed of light. How does it achieve such speed?

Is there a 3rd series of Lost in Space?

Season 3 of Lost In Space will premiere on Netflix December 1, 2021. … The first two seasons are currently available to watch on Netflix for those who need to catch up before the new season drops.

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How old was Judy Robinson lost in space?

She is the older daughter of the Robinson Family. The original pilot introduces Judy as: Judith, aged 19, who heroically postponed all hopes in the musical/comedy field for at least two centuries.

Is SAR and scarecrow the same?

The first robot, which Will previously befriended, along with the SAR (Second Alien Robot) from the first series, were adapted and re-rigged to create Scarecrow.

Is Maureen Judy’s biological mom?

Judy is the eldest daughter of the Robinson Family. She’s Maureen’s bi-racial first daughter from a previous relationship and John’s adoptive daughter. Although not biologically John’s, they have a strong bond and she takes after him to a great degree.

Why did will make the robot walk off the cliff?

Smith devises a scheme to gain control of Robot, which will serve as her defender. It’s an intricate long con that requires her to manipulate more than a few colonists, and forcing Will into a position where he orders Robot to walk off a cliff, for the safety of his family and the colonists.

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