What will the robot do if it detects blue with its front eye sensor?

If the Front Eye Sensor detects blue then stop. If the Down Eye Sensor detects purple then stop. Wait until the Front Eye Sensor detects red. If FrontEye detects red then Stop.

What behavior will the VR robot perform when the front eye sensor does not detect a red object?

When the VR Robot does not detect any color, the VR Robot will drive forward. The VR Robot now has instructions for each color detected by the Eye Sensor.

What is the role of front down eye sensors?

Eye Sensors

The Eye Sensor can detect if there is an object present, and if so, detect the color of the object (red, green, blue, none). A VR Robot has two Eye Sensors – a Front Eye Sensor and a Down Eye Sensor. The Front Eye Sensor is mounted in front of the VR Robot and faces forward.

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What will happen if the front eye sensor detects green?

Eye Sensor Example Project

In the following example, the VR Robot will drive forward until the Front Eye Sensor detects a green object, then it will stop and wait, before driving in reverse.

What does the eye sensor do vex VR?

The Eye Sensors can detect the color of an object near the sensor, such as the colored disks in the Disk Maze Playground. This is useful if you want the VR Robot to sort differently colored objects, drive up to a specifically colored object, or perform different behaviors based on the color of an object detected.

What condition will be checked next if the condition of the front eye sensor detecting blue is false *?

What condition will be checked next if the condition of the Front Eye Sensor detecting blue is FALSE? The condition of the Front Eye Sensor detecting green will be checked.

Which VR robot sensor determines the color of an object when close enough *?

The VR Robot will stop driving, then set the Electromagnet to ‘boost’. Which VR Robot sensor determines the color of an object when close enough? Gyro Sensor.

What is the length of the VR robot?

The VR Robot has the following physical attributes to scale: The wheels are 50mm in diameter. The wheelbase (the distance between the center of the front wheel and the center of the back wheel) is approximately 50.8mm. The VR Robot’s length is 133mm.

What is an eye sensor in robotics?

SKU. 269-6695. The GO Eye Sensor detects if there is an object present and the color of the object. Color detection is red or green or blue. It will also register the brightness of the ambient light.

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Which sensor does the VR robot use with the turn to heading block?

The [Turn to heading] block turns the VR Robot to a specific heading using the Gyro Sensor. The direction the VR Robot will turn (left or right) is determined based on the current heading of the Gyro sensor.

What is the name for an action performed by the VR robot?

What is a behavior? Behaviors are the actions performed or to be performed by a robot.

What are the features of the VR robot playground?

Virtual Playgrounds: Users can select from different virtual 3D playgrounds to take advantage of the virtual robot’s features. Additional features include: point of view control as the robot runs code, visual data on the playgrounds’ dashboard, playgrounds that include grid worlds, art canvases, and walled mazes.

How do you use the front eye vex VR?

detect Command

The front or down Eye Sensor can be selected when dragging in a command from the Toolbox or when typing in the command. The color that the Eye Sensor is looking for can be selected through the autocomplete feature when adding the command.

What is the name of VR robot in Vex project?

VEXcode VR – VEX Robotics.

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