You asked: How old do you have to be to watch I Robot?

The MPAA rated I, Robot PG-13 for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudity.

Is I Robot A 12?

Loosely based on a series of Issac Asimov’s short stories. PLEASE BE AWARE: After ordering I, Robot the disc you will receive may be marked as being a 15 certificate – however, this relates to the extra features on the DVD and not the film itself, which is certified with the BBFC as a 12.

Can 12 year olds watch work it?

Netflix’s Work It Is a Family-Friendly Dance Movie That Your Kids Will Probably Love. Watch out! … The movie is rated TV-14, which urges parents to be cautioned about the content. We think the movie is overall pretty tame, but we’ve put together all the things we think you should be aware of before your kids watch.

Why is Irobot rated PG-13?

Despite the laws requiring the mechanical slaves to be hard-wired so they can’t harm humans, the police officer is convinced there is a problem with the programming of some of these Robots. Why is I, Robot rated PG-13? The MPAA rated I, Robot PG-13 for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudity.

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Does Netflix have irobot?

Watch I, Robot | Netflix.

Is Pennywise real?

No. Pennywise is a fictional character.

Is Pennywise a girl?

Throughout Stephen King’s It, Pennywise is referred to as a male, but author Stephen King pulled a fast one on readers in the book’s ending by revealing the creature’s true form was a pregnant spider, implying that it is, in fact, biologically female.

Is it rated R?

It is rated R by the MPAA for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language. Violence: – Frequent non-graphic violence.

Is I Robot rated R?

I, Robot [2004] [PG-13] – 3.5.

Why is breaking bad rated MA?

Frequent graphic violence. Shooting and threats of shooting; other physical scuffles, beatings, and attacks; explosions (some with horrifying results); poisonings; accidental deaths.

Why is Hancock Rated PG-13?

Why is Hancock rated PG-13? Hancock is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some intense sequences of sci-fi actions and violence, and language. Opening with a bullet-riddled car chase down a Los Angeles freeway, Hancock is full of violent exchanges between police and criminals, car crashes, property damage and explosions.

What app is I, Robot on?

The iRobot HOME App is compatible with all Wi-Fi® connected Roomba® 690, 890, eSeries, 900, iSeries vacuuming robot models, and Bluetooth connected Braava jet™ 240 mopping robot models.

What app can i watch I, Robot on?

I, Robot, a science fiction movie starring Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, and Bruce Greenwood is available to stream now. Watch it on HBO Max, Spectrum TV, ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU, Apple TV or Redbox.

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Where can I see robots?

Watch I, Robot Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

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