Can we use nested for loop in Robot Framework?

Starting with the 4.0 release, Robot Framework (finally 🙂 has support for nested for loops. Having nested for loops is not supported directly, but it is possible to use a user keyword inside a for loop and have another for loop there.

Can you have nested for loops?

A nested loop has one loop inside of another. In each iteration of the outer loop, the inner loop will be re-started. … The inner loop must finish all of its iterations before the outer loop can continue to its next iteration.

How do you use a for loop in a robot framework?

Simple for loops

  1. FOR ${robot} IN @{ROBOTS} Here we are starting our for loop. …
  2. Log ${robot} This is the operation we want to execute at each iteration. …
  3. END ${robot} To signal that we want to close our for loop, we add the END keyword.
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Can FOR loops be nested in while loops?

The loop which contains a loop inside a loop is known as the nested loop. It can contain the for loop inside a for loop or a while loop inside a while loop. It is also possible that a while loop can contain the for loop and vice-versa.

What is the difference between for loop and nested for loop?

A step loop is a repeated series of loop blocks. A loop block consists of one or more loop lines of graphical screen elements. A nested loop is a loop within a loop, an inner loop within the body of an outer one.

What is the use of nested for loop?

Nested loops are useful when for each pass through the outer loop, you need to repeat some action on the data in the outer loop. For example, you read a file line by line and for each line you must count how many times the word “the” is found.

Which type of loop can be nested in a for loop?

Nested Loops

The placing of one loop inside the body of another loop is called nesting. When you “nest” two loops, the outer loop takes control of the number of complete repetitions of the inner loop. While all types of loops may be nested, the most commonly nested loops are for loops.

How do you make a loop in Robot Framework?

Robot Framework does not have a while loop. You must use the FOR-loop and “exit for loop if” keywords to exit. It will run in a finite time, but if you select a large enough number in range, it is close enough for practical purposes.

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How do you stop execution in Robot Framework?

This option is –exitonfailure . From the robot framework user guide, in a section titled Stopping when the first test fails: If option –exitonfailure is used, test execution stops immediately if any critical test fails. Also the remaining tests are marked as failed.

How do you use for loops?

A “For” Loop is used to repeat a specific block of code a known number of times. For example, if we want to check the grade of every student in the class, we loop from 1 to that number. When the number of times is not known before hand, we use a “While” loop.

Do while loop can be nested how many times?

Any number of loops can be defined inside another loop, i.e., there is no restriction for defining any number of loops. The nesting level can be defined at n times. You can define any type of loop inside another loop; for example, you can define ‘while’ loop inside a ‘for’ loop.

Can you put a for loop in a for loop?

You can put a for loop inside a while, or a while inside a for, or a for inside a for, or a while inside a while. Or you can put a loop inside a loop inside a loop. You can go as far as you want.

How do you break in a nested loop?

There are two steps to break from a nested loop, the first part is labeling loop and the second part is using labeled break. You must put your label before the loop and you need a colon after the label as well. When you use that label after the break, control will jump outside of the labeled loop.

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Can I nest a for loop in an if statement?

If statement within a for loop

Inside a for loop, you can use if statements as well.

What is the difference between for next and nested FOR NEXT loop?

The Loop inside the loop structure is called Nested loop. It contains an outer loop and inner loop. The FOR NEXT statement is used to repeat a block of instructions a specified number of times.

What is nested for and write the syntax of nested for loop?

Syntax. do { statement(s); do { statement(s); }while( condition ); }while( condition ); A final note on loop nesting is that you can put any type of loop inside any other type of loop. For example, a ‘for’ loop can be inside a ‘while’ loop or vice versa.