What happened to the robot in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The player can visit Marko’s lab later, but unfortunately, Marko is found dead and the robot has disappeared. … The robot can be found near Colter and footprints are seen.

What happened to the robot in rdr2?

After completing all of Marko Dragic’s quests, return to his lab after 48 in-game hours have passed. You’ll find that Dragic has been murdered, and the robot has been stolen. … The robot is located in the mountains near Colter in the far northwest corner of the map.

Is Gavin ever found rdr2?

He can be found in Rhodes, Saint Denis, on the northeast shore of the Elysian Pool, MacFarlane’s Ranch, or to the north of the trail that goes by Lake Don Julio. Follow him long enough without approaching Gavin’s friend and he’ll say something very revealing: “He left me…

Can you save Hamish rdr2?

After the first encounter with him is complete, he can be killed with the use of either dynamite or fire arrows.

Where is the hermit in rdr2?

He can be found living at Manito Glade, a homestead north of Annesburg. If the player comes close to his cottage, the Hermit will shout obscenities at them, warning the protagonist to leave, while threatening them with the Rare Shotgun.

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Is the cave hermit Gavin?

There is a cave hermit located inside a cave that you can visit and converse with. He is originally from England and became a hermit to escape society and probably delve deep into philosophy. Because of his origins, he is rumoured to be Gavin (Nigel’s Friend).

What chapter is the robot in rdr2?

To trigger the Stranger quest that leads to the robot encounter, you need to have reached at least chapter 4 in the game’s main story.

Where is the veteran in rdr2?

Veteran’s Location

The veteran can be found right above Three Sisters on your way to O’Creagh’s run. He is located near the road asking for help to get his horse back.