What is PEGA Robotic Automation?

Build bridges between unrelated software systems and automate manual work. … Pega Robotic Automation™ helps connect unrelated software systems to automate tedious manual work and repetitive tasks. Pega Robot Manager™ is the central application used to manage all robots in your bot-force.

Is PEGA a RPA tool?

Yes, our robotic process automation (RPA) technology delivers proven results. … With Pega, you get a complete toolkit for enterprise digital transformation: Our unified platform goes beyond RPA to deliver all the solutions needed to bridge gaps between the front and back office.

What is PEGA robot runtime used for?

Pega Robot Runtime executes the assigned deployment package on the desktop or virtual machine. Pega RPA Service provides the communication link between Pega Robot Manager and the robots for scheduling, autobalancing, and to monitor the robot health in Robot Manager.

What is PEGA intelligent automation?

Intelligent Automation makes it possible. Intelligent Automation lets you put a framework – or “case” – around each of your business processes or tasks. … Visibility into the work and status of work is more important than ever, and a true Intelligent Automation solution delivers just that.

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Why is PEGA used?

Pega is a Business Process Management tool. It can be used to manage the business flows, and enables us to quickly build end to end applications . It can also be integrated with legacy systems. Pega has out of the box reporting and dashboards which can be used to manage the metrics.

How does PEGA robotics work?

Pega robotics adds the ability to automate tasks using the user interface of existing applications. It can help speed up manual tasks by automating user actions. Automations are created in Pega Robotic Studio.

What is PEGA synchronization engine?

The Pega Synchronization Server works with the Pega Synchronization Engine, which is the client-side application, to update your Pega Robot Runtime installations. Security is built into the process to ensure that only Pega-certified content is delivered by using this system.

What is PEGA robot manager?

Pega Robot Manager extends the functionality of robotic process automation (RPA), which allows you to batch process a large volume of work assignments by using unattended robots with your Pega Platform application. Each robot belongs to a work group that has an assigned automation package.

What is PEGA Robot Studio?

Pega Robot Studio provides a rapid visual development environment that lets you create attended robotic desktop automations (RDA) and unattended robotic process automations (RPA). Pega Robot Runtime provides the environment to run these automations so you can complete tasks more efficiently.

What are examples of intelligent automation?

An example of intelligent automation would be using machine learning to analyze historical and real-time workload and compute data. An intelligent automation platform could then manage workloads to optimize runtimes and prevent delays, while provisioning and deprovisioning virtual machines to meet real-time demand.

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What is PEGA fabric?

Introducing Pega Process Fabric, a new way of connecting work from independent processes and systems without sacrificing business agility. … Process Fabric gives you the power and flexibility to weave processes together so you can seamlessly drive end-to-end customer journeys across applications.

What is PEGA platform?

Pega is the only industry-leading platform that allows you to build scalable, enterprise-grade CRM, Digital Process Automation, BPM, Case Management, and AI apps, all on one unified platform.

Is PEGA a database?

The Pega® Platform relational database contains the rules, data instances, work items, history, and other concrete objects from the internal classes of your Pega Platform system.

Which language is used in PEGA?

Pega is a Business Process Management tool. It is developed on Java and uses OOP and java concepts. And the big advantage is we don’t have to have to build the system from the scratch like any conventional programming.

What is PEGA case?

A case essentially represents work that an organization performs to achieve an outcome. … Most cases are made up of multiple tasks and processes that drive the case toward its outcome.