Who wrote the Robot series?

Who is the author of I, Robot?

I, Robot, a collection of nine short stories by science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov that imagines the development of “positronic” (humanlike, with a form of artificial intelligence) robots and wrestles with the moral implications of the technology.

Is I, Robot the same as the complete robot?

There are three “robot” collections, “I, Robot”, “The Rest of the Robots”, and somewhat later (’76) “Bincentennial Man & Other Stories”. “The Complete Robot” includes the stories from all three. Except, in ’86 Asimov repackaged the robot stories in two volumes, “Robot Dreams” & “Robot Visions”.

Is I, Robot a trilogy?

I, Robot (3 book series) Kindle Edition. First in an all-new trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov’s legendary science fiction collection I, Robot.

Is I, Robot based on a book?

According to the film’s credits, the film was inspired by Isaac Asimov’s books. These books are a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov that was published in 1950. Dr. Lanning’s cat is named Asimov, which is a nod to Isaac Asimov, who was the author of the source stories.

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Why was the lieutenant so distrustful of robots?

Del Spooner, a Chicago police detective, has come to hate and distrust robots, because a robot rescued him from a car crash by leaving a twelve-year-old girl to drown, by using cold logic to calculate that his survival was statistically more likely than the girl’s.

Who is spooners prime suspect in the death of Dr Alfred Lanning?

7 Who is Spooner’s prime suspect in the death of Alfred Lanning? Spooner has a burning hatred for robots, as one did not obey him in the past. So when Sonny, voiced by Alan Tudyk, is found in Lanning’s office, where Lanning supposedly jumped out of the window, Spooner immediately suspects him.

Is there a sequel to I Robot?

I, Robot 2 Probably Won’t Happen

While the original movie was a solid success back in 2004, it hasn’t lingered in audiences’ minds like some of Smith’s better-known projects like I Am Legend.

When did the book I Robot come out?

December 2, 1950
Я, робот/Первая публикация
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